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Our founders started their technology life as postmasters at two major brand-name "dial-up" online services (remember those days?) and learned just about everything one could learn when it came to getting message A over to recipient B. Throughout the years they helped tens of thousands of large and small companies understand how to get their email delivered. After spending 25 years in the ISP business, the "dynamic duo" took a break and went about their lives, raising their children, enjoying time with family and friends, and getting to catch-up on life after the hectic postmaster lifestyle. Anyone that is absorbed with technoology understands what it means to get "restless" so yers later they started consulting and helping companies understand deliverability and all the innerworkings of gateways, postmasters, and blacklists. Later, they went on to make ListWorker because there was and is a heavy need for assistance with getting email delivered. Nobody seems to do it right these days so ListWorker was created to make sure very company has the best education on how to get email delivered properly and professionally.


The team at ListWorker is hand-picked to bring all of the best brains in the industry together under one roof to run a highly technical yet easy-to-understand service for companies worldwide. Not only is our full-time team the best-of-the-best but we have routine calls with "home groups" that are overseas so we can keep up with the ever changing international landscape of email delivery. Everyone at ListWorker loves what they do and loves to come to work and that's not an easy thing these days. Everyone here loves to give customers the very best education in deliverability while explaining things in easy-to-understand tersm so anyone can understand what is causing their email troubles.

The Team

We hire only the highest quality, most brilliant people at ListWorker. Many of our team are located around the world so time zones mean nothing and that means we can support you virtually around the clock. Here is a handful of our staff...

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