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We fix email delivery problems for businesses.
They don't know why their email lands in the spam folder.
We show them why and help them fix the issues.
You get paid when we make the sale. It's that easy.
No experience is needed, send us some leads today.

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How it Works

Our affiliate program is very simple. You send us a referral that signs-up, we pay you $20. No hoops to jump through, no crazy minimums, just referral $ when you find us a new and paying customer.


HOW IT WORKS: Place a link along with one of our banners on your website and when someone clicks on that link and becomes our customer, you earn $20 (US funds only). We give you a unique affiliate link so we know when a visitor to our site was because of your referral. We track everything from that point forward. As soon as that referral signs-up and pays for service we send you $20.


HOW YOU JOIN AS AN AFFILIATE: There is no fancy paperwork, just a simple form below and you are "on the team".


WHAT DO WE DO? We help any company that sends email campaigns (marketing, sales, newsletters, etc.) find out why their email is not delivering at peak efficiency. Almost every business in the USA fits that profile so the potential for you is huge.


HOW WE DO IT: Our team has been in the postmaster world with ISP's and online services for 25+ years each. Many worked at big name ISPs and some were postmasters at the top online services today (some still are postmasters. They have access to services like the "I.R.R." that only administrators can access and adjust as needed. the IRR is something all major online services use to determine what emails should be blocked. So we have "the golden key" to get into every major online reputation and blocking system on Earth. Companies that sign-up and become customers of ours quickly see an improvement in email deliverability. That's because we know this industry like the back of our hand.


HOW TO SEND US LEADS: Option 1: You can email us directly at support@listworker.com with the details of the lead. Be sure to reference your affiliate ID in the email. We will take over from there and will contact the lead and work to make the sale. Option 2: Place a link and/or image on your website that sends leads to our website. If they sign-up and pay, you get the referral fee.


HOW TO FIND LEADS: This part is easy. Almost every business on earth has a problem delivering email to their customers. Many don't even realize 20% or more of their emails never get delivered. Many find their email in the spam folder and don't know how to fix the problem. You can find leads by seeing which of your own vendors have emails that arrive in your junk or spam folder. Many of our affiliates subscribe to lots of different newsletters and wait for one to land in the spam folder. Those are leads. Another way to find leads is to speak with business owners when you are in their store. Ask them if they notice their emails are landing in the spam folder (About 100% of those people will say YES - and those are leads to send us.) Get creative - you will find leads everywhere once you start looking. Remember that almost every single business on this planet has a problem delivering email and almost ALL of those want to fix the problem but don't know how. Those are all leads we can use.


THE FINE PRINT: Affiliates receive payment only after the customer signs-up and pays for the service. We do not pre-pay for referrals, they must sign-up and pay to have their account opened first. The affiliate will be paid within 24 hours after we receive payment from our new customer (your referral). Sorry, there are no exceptions to this rule. We track the referral via a session variable as well as IP address. We note the event when they first appear on our website so even if their session data is lost, their IP address is kept so we can always trace-back a referral.


The sign-up form is below. Become an affiliate today.

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I give you consent to add me to the ListWorker Affiliate System. I agree that any fraud, deception, spamming, or any malicious activity that involves the ListWorker website, any of its URL's, or affiliate links will immediately and forever disqualify me from the affiliate program. I am signing up to the ListWorker affiliate system and agree that each referral that becomes a customer on this service will earn me $20 (US) only after the referral has paid and joined the ListWorker service. If you have any questions please email support@listworker.com

You may place any of these images on your website. You can download the image, or refer to it here.

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Link: https://app.listworker.com/images/lw_banner_728x90.png


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